Why Is Peranakan Catering Important for an Event in Singapore?

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If you are here, we assume that you are going to organize an event in Singapore and thinking about what food to offer to guests. If you are a foreigner and new to Singapore, then the first thing you should know about is Peranakan catering. Why? You will find the answer as you will go through the blog.


What is Peranakan catering?


Peranakan catering refers to the catering service that includes only Peranakan cuisine - food that is a fusion of Chinese and Malay cooking styles adopted by Peranakans.

Although the Peranakan population is small in the country, Peranakan cuisine is extremely popular among Singaporeans. In Singapore, Peranakan dishes and desserts are often associated with nostalgia as they bring back the memories of childhood treats and favorite meals.

So, if you are going to host an event in Singapore soon, Peranakan catering is what helps you appease your guests.


Why is it important to offer Peranakan food at your event in Singapore?


Shows deep respect for the culture of Singaporeans


If you are a business and looking forward to closing deals, finding new clients, or building relationships in Singapore, the first thing that helps you make a great impression is a show of respect for their culture. Peranakan food can pave a path to the heart of people as this food style is immensely popular and desirable in this island country.


Builds an excitement among your guests


Did you know many people show up at an event just because of what food is being offered? You might even find such people around you. The same goes for your guests too. So, another reason for hiring a Peranakan catering service for your event in Singapore is that it will allow you to build excitement among your guests, encourage them to engage more, and make them more willing to attend your event.


Food is more than about filling the empty stomach of your guests!


Since you are going to organize an event, you want to impress your guests in every way possible. So, don’t think of food just as a way to satiate the hunger flames of your guests. Think of food as a part of experience that can elevate the buzz level of your event. And when it is about appeasing the people of Singapore, Peranakan catering can help you achieve that goal.


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