24 Hours Indian Food Delivery Restaurant

If you are looking for an Indian restaurant for fine dining options then look no further than Brinda’s. We are the best traditional Indian food restaurant in Singapore Island. Most of our customers are regular and keep coming to us for some delicious and exotic Indian food. Ur services never stop and we are one of the best 24 hours restaurants. We also undertake catering services for a wide variety of events including corporate parties and weddings. We have been a dependable catering service for over 15 years in the island. We have carved a niche for ourselves and earned the reputation of being the best South Indian restaurant. If you are searching for 24 hours Indian restaurants then your search ends here.


India - A land woven with food culture

Indians love food and there are more than 300 types of cuisines in the Indian subcontinent. India and Singapore has always shared a special relationship and there are several Indians who live in Singapore. Our traditional Indian food restaurant serves north Indian and south Indian dishes. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the in-betweens as well. People of Singapore can just walk into our 24 hours restaurants and we are always ready to serve. We also deliver at home on orders. Whether it is a last minute get-together or a well planned house party we undertake orders even at the last minute. We are one of the few 24 hours Indian restaurants in Singapore Island. Brinda’s services are very popular among the Indian community and we are the default name that comes to mind for catering services.


Spices from South India

As the Best South Indian Restaurant we use food grade passed items for pour preparations and also rate very high on cleanliness. In our 15 years and more period of service we have never seen an unhappy customer and that is why we count the smiles and not the money. In the Indian cuisine the south Indian menus are most popular and everyone loves the Dosa and Idli. This is the healthiest and the best breakfast food in the world. our chefs are very knowledgeable in these menus and come with several years of experience. We are a traditional Indian food restaurant and we take care of all Indian traditions keeping in mind the background. Every Indian dish has a old history behind it and why those preparations were made.



When it comes to varied choices, Indian food is the best and you have is really wide in its varieties. Every region of India serves different dishes prepared with different ingredients. We make our choices very carefully and add the best items to our menu. Many people may not have heard about some of the items at Brindas and they tend to get experimental with their orders. Indian spices like black pepper is used in many of the preparations. So to enjoy a tasty Indian meal, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer your queries..

Home Delivery

Have a hearty, warm and freshly prepared meal delivered right to your door! Our Indian food delivery is 24/7, island-wide in Singapore. Enjoy wholesome North and South Indian cuisines with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, wherever you are.

Corporate Catering

Brinda’s undertakes corporate catering with extreme professionalism and we understand the corporate needs the best. Corporate get together are usually very formal and guests need to be entertained in a specialized way with careful choice of food items. We serve at varied locations all over the Singapore Island. We have served many business communities with delectable food and extreme professionalism. All our customers we served have been very happy and they keep com9ng back to us for corporate catering.


Corporate Menus

Our corporate menus are comprehensive and include select appetizers, soups, drinks, and food items. We have quite a few fixed menus that is designed for corporate parties and customers can also choose their own food items and customize it to their choice. We are very flexible with our options and have a wide range of cuisines. You can also choose a mixed variety of cuisines for corporate catering.


Our western menu

We have a wide selection of western items in vegetarian and non vegetarian options we serve appetizers like shrimp, varieties of fish, chicken and a choice of vegetables and salads as well. We also bring our own plates and cutlery so that corporate need not worry about them and save the additional headache of sourcing it from elsewhere. We take care of end-to-end needs for corporate catering.


Our Indian menu

We serve many Indian items including kebabs and barbecued non vegetarian and vegetables as well. We make the dishes to suit international customers making sure that it is not too spicy or bland and also not very salty. Our food is made tastefully and with a lot of care. Our facilities are very particular about cleanliness and we only use fresh ingredients in our preparations. We do not use any ingredient that has the harmful MSG in it. We also do not use food colors and preservatives. We do not believe in wastage and make the food in correct quantities.


Menu from the Far East

Brindas is also an expert in Thai and Malaysian food items. We use authentic Thai products to cook the food and source it from Thailand. We have a wide variety of options in this category as well. A select choice of soups, salads and appetizers apart from the main course is available with us. We further tailor the menus to the customers’ individual choice in our corporate catering services. Many people in Singapore choose this option as the food is relatively similar and also is much preferred. Some Indian items are also in high demand usually in corporate parties.



If you are looking for corporate catering look no further as Brindas is here to cater to your party. Our executives will visit your event management department and carefully craft the menu along with them. We also set clear expectations and there is nothing hidden from our customers. We do not spring last minute surprises and what you see is what you get. 

Seminar Packages

Liven up your seminars with Brinda’s Tea Break Refreshment, Lunch or Dinner spreads that come in half- and full-day packages at affordable prices.


Fond memories are made over a great home-cooked meal. Our food – whether for small or large banquets – are made from the heart and from scratch with the finest local ingredients. Celebrate life with Brinda’s hearty banquets!

Live Station

We, at Brinda’s, have several years of experience in the catering business and we leverage this experience for live station catering services as well. We have undertaken catering for several private parties and high tea events in the entire island of Singapore. Our clients list is extensive and we have catered to cocktail parties, executive parties, high tea events and many more. in our catering business we have only seen happy customers and always left the venue with many smiling faces. No matter which type of venue you choose we can fit our live station catering services keeping the venue in mind. Once you outsource your catering needs to Brinda’s, you need not worry about everything else.


Live Stations

For every event, the food is the deal maker, it can make the event success or a failure. That is why at Brindas we ensure that we provide tasty and fresh food without including any added preservatives or food colors. All out food items are prepared with utmost care using the freshest ingredients available in the market.


For parties we organize live station catering services for food items like kebabs, barbecue, sizzlers, and fritters and more. It is very appetizing for guests to see how the food is being prepared. They can choose the item to be prepared at the counter and it is made in a jiffy.


North Indian Counters

We provide vegetarian and non vegetarian food items at the live counters. All fresh vegetables including paneer is prepared at the counters through barbecue grills. Whether it is a cocktail party or a private party these starters are great way to appease the palette of your guests. We also keep the taste considerations of international guests in mind as well. We ensure that the food is not too spicy or salty and it has the right measure of all the ingredients. The live station catering services extends to serving the drinks and serving at the tables. Guests can just enjoy an evening by sitting at the tables and the rest is taken care of by us.


South Indian Counters

Our live station catering services also include south Indian dishes like live dosa counters and many more items. These south Indian dishes are famous worldwide and many people crave for it. To see them being prepared and the aroma wafting in the air, get the hunger going. We make all the initial preparations in our premises and cook the food at the live counters. We also serve hot tea and coffee. Even for a high tea party, this can be an ideal deal and also very creative option. We offer a wide choice of vegetarian and non vegetarian food including starters, soups and mini bites food.



When you choose Brinda’s as your caterer, rest assured that you will get high quality service and value for money. We charge per plate and transport is additional. If there are many people attending the event, we offer further discounts on transportation and food charges to make catering more affordable. To know more, get in touch with us today.

Wedding Catering Singapore

Wedding Catering and Temple Wedding Catering


Brinda’s are experts at catering for all types of weddings. Whether it is Italian, French or Western we can cater to all events with a high professionalism and prompt delivery. We have been in this business for more than a decade and we cover entire Singapore for wedding catering. We understand that there is a large Indian community in Singapore and they need specialized caterings services like temple wedding catering. Whether it’s North Indian or South Indian, we have all kind of menus to suit your event.


North Indian Menus

Our menus include most north Indian dishes in vegetarian and non vegetarian. We also serve all types of Indian breads and curries. We make high restaurant quality food and it is served hot. We also provide the plates and cutlery which are disposable. You and your guests can enjoy delectable Indian cuisine in Singapore with our wedding catering services. Brindas offers discounts if the number of people are more than 100. Usually, Indian weddings are elaborate and many people attend the wedding. It is never a quiet affair and we take care of the food and catering from end to end taking away the stress from you.


South Indian menus

Our south Indian menus are elaborate and include the most popular south Indian dishes. We also serve in the south Indian style. We also undertake temple wedding catering and serve the best south Indian vegetarian food. We serve steamed rice, fresh home made pickles, sambar and rasam and much more. We give a choice of 2 to 3 vegetables aond with papads and fresh set yoghurt. We cater to all south Indian communities including Tamil, Telugu and Malayalee menus. Make use of Brinda’s wedding catering services for your weddings. We are the experts in Singapore when it comes to catering for Indian weddings as our base is from India. We understand the preparation of dishes perfectly and also blend in our services with the Indian culture.



Brindas has been in wedding catering business for more than 15 years now. We continue by providing top quality services for all types of events. We use carefully chosen spices and fresh ground powders like chilli powder and turmeric powder to prepare the tastiest food. Our chefs have years of experience in wedding catering services and they craft the recipes with utmost care. Indian menus usually use a lot of these powders and Indian spices. Without them the preparation of food is not possible in an authentic way.


Indian weddings are very traditional and include a lot of rituals and a series of events. We create menus for all the events and offer wedding catering services for all the events. Indian weddings stretch over a period of 2 days at the minimum and we cater from the start to the end. All you have to do is give us a call and discuss your wedding plans and then choose the menu. Everything else is taken care of by us. 

Official Caterer

We are official caterer for the following venues:


Formerly known as the SAF Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) Club, The SAF Warrant Officers And Specialists Club's history stretches back to the post-war era.


The Star is an integrated hub that comprises of a Civic & Cultural Zone named The Star Performing Arts Centre, and a retail mall named The Star Vista.


Gardens by the Bay brings to life the National Parks Board Singapore's vision of creating a City in a Garden. The Gardens captures the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical Garden City with the perfect environment in which to live and work - making Singapore a leading global city of the 21st century.


Situated close to both Buona Vista and Holland Village MRT stations, the Civil Service College offers an extensive suite of training facilities and AV/IT capabilities to meet your training or event needs.

Halal Food Catering Singapore

Singapore has a high number of residents who belong to the Muslim community. When it comes to food options they are very particular about halal food. Brinda’s handles a wide variety of halal food delivery options and we cater to all types of communities. Halal means mainly meat and the animals that provide the meat are butchered in a sacred way after a prayer. We ensure that the meat that is used in food preparations is sourced from authentic halal meat providers. We make no compromise on that as we know that there are many religious beliefs around it. We respect all communities equally and keep these considerations in mind before we cater the halal food delivery.


When to order?

The halal food delivery is on high demand especially during the festive season of Ramadan. Most people of the Muslim faith are fasting during this holy month throughput the day without having a single drop of water until they break their fast at dusk. We serve many halal food varieties that are carefully made in a sacred and clean way. We understand that there is a religious angle to the whole food options and keep this in mind. We serve specialty dishes like haleem, a food preparation that is packed with nutrients and made of various lentils and pound meat and seasoned with a variety of spices. Apart from this, we also serve meat biryanis as a part of our halal food delivery menu.


Authenticity of the menu

All the menu items are made on a daily basis and is delivered fresh on orders. You can also place bulk orders by giving us advance notice and we offer further discounts. Halal food is available throughout the year and the meat that we use is by default halal. So people need not worry about the authenticity of halal food delivery. We also undertake party orders which are again popular on the day of Eid. Ramadan is ended by hosting a huge feast for family and loved ones and friends as well. It is a lavish spread of various food items like Briyani, Haleem, and Sher Khorma, a sweet dish made of dry fruits and milk, and many appetizers. We gear up our services during this period and can take multiple orders at the same time.


Dependable services

Brinda’s service quality is very high and rated the highest in the food industry of Singapore. We do not believe ion cutting corners or compromising on our service quality. We have undertaken menu orders for weddings and have served halal food that is tasty and fresh. We have received several compliments from our customers and they keep coming back to us every season. We believe in creating a lasting impression with our customers through high quality service. We take care of all the catering needs and do not depend on the customers for any type of additional provision. If you are looking for halal food delivery then contact us at Brindas immediately or place order online.

Online Order

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