Halal Food Catering Singapore

Singapore has a high number of residents who belong to the Muslim community. When it comes to food options they are very particular about halal food. Brinda’s handles a wide variety of halal food delivery options and we cater to all types of communities. Halal means mainly meat and the animals that provide the meat are butchered in a sacred way after a prayer. We ensure that the meat that is used in food preparations is sourced from authentic halal meat providers. We make no compromise on that as we know that there are many religious beliefs around it. We respect all communities equally and keep these considerations in mind before we cater the halal food delivery.


When to order?

The halal food delivery is on high demand especially during the festive season of Ramadan. Most people of the Muslim faith are fasting during this holy month throughput the day without having a single drop of water until they break their fast at dusk. We serve many halal food varieties that are carefully made in a sacred and clean way. We understand that there is a religious angle to the whole food options and keep this in mind. We serve specialty dishes like haleem, a food preparation that is packed with nutrients and made of various lentils and pound meat and seasoned with a variety of spices. Apart from this, we also serve meat biryanis as a part of our halal food delivery menu.


Authenticity of the menu

All the menu items are made on a daily basis and is delivered fresh on orders. You can also place bulk orders by giving us advance notice and we offer further discounts. Halal food is available throughout the year and the meat that we use is by default halal. So people need not worry about the authenticity of halal food delivery. We also undertake party orders which are again popular on the day of Eid. Ramadan is ended by hosting a huge feast for family and loved ones and friends as well. It is a lavish spread of various food items like Briyani, Haleem, and Sher Khorma, a sweet dish made of dry fruits and milk, and many appetizers. We gear up our services during this period and can take multiple orders at the same time.


Dependable services

Brinda’s service quality is very high and rated the highest in the food industry of Singapore. We do not believe ion cutting corners or compromising on our service quality. We have undertaken menu orders for weddings and have served halal food that is tasty and fresh. We have received several compliments from our customers and they keep coming back to us every season. We believe in creating a lasting impression with our customers through high quality service. We take care of all the catering needs and do not depend on the customers for any type of additional provision. If you are looking for halal food delivery then contact us at Brindas immediately or place order online.

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