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If you are looking for an Indian restaurant for fine dining options then look no further than Brinda’s. We are the best traditional Indian food restaurant in Singapore Island. Most of our customers are regular and keep coming to us for some delicious and exotic Indian food. Ur services never stop and we are one of the best 24 hours restaurants. We also undertake catering services for a wide variety of events including corporate parties and weddings. We have been a dependable catering service for over 15 years in the island. We have carved a niche for ourselves and earned the reputation of being the best South Indian restaurant. If you are searching for 24 hours Indian restaurants then your search ends here.


India - A land woven with food culture

Indians love food and there are more than 300 types of cuisines in the Indian subcontinent. India and Singapore has always shared a special relationship and there are several Indians who live in Singapore. Our traditional Indian food restaurant serves north Indian and south Indian dishes. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the in-betweens as well. People of Singapore can just walk into our 24 hours restaurants and we are always ready to serve. We also deliver at home on orders. Whether it is a last minute get-together or a well planned house party we undertake orders even at the last minute. We are one of the few 24 hours Indian restaurants in Singapore Island. Brinda’s services are very popular among the Indian community and we are the default name that comes to mind for catering services.


Spices from South India

As the Best South Indian Restaurant we use food grade passed items for pour preparations and also rate very high on cleanliness. In our 15 years and more period of service we have never seen an unhappy customer and that is why we count the smiles and not the money. In the Indian cuisine the south Indian menus are most popular and everyone loves the Dosa and Idli. This is the healthiest and the best breakfast food in the world. our chefs are very knowledgeable in these menus and come with several years of experience. We are a traditional Indian food restaurant and we take care of all Indian traditions keeping in mind the background. Every Indian dish has a old history behind it and why those preparations were made.



When it comes to varied choices, Indian food is the best and you have is really wide in its varieties. Every region of India serves different dishes prepared with different ingredients. We make our choices very carefully and add the best items to our menu. Many people may not have heard about some of the items at Brindas and they tend to get experimental with their orders. Indian spices like black pepper is used in many of the preparations. So to enjoy a tasty Indian meal, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer your queries..

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