Large Banquets

When you make a selection of the kind of foods to serve at a banquet, you must also take into account the wide array of tastes, preferences and dietary restrictions of the guests. Brinda’s handles large banquets as well as small banquets with equal ease so you never have to worry about these concerns when organizing parties, events and celebrations. Our professionals understand that unforgettable memories are made through good company and home-cooked meals. This is why all our food delicacies are prepared straight from the heart from the finest and freshest local ingredients available. We have served in residential as well as corporate settings alike and in a desirable manner. This assures you that no matter what the occasion, we serve hearty banquets that are sure to take you on a scrumptious and enjoyable journey.


Authentic dishes made from the freshest ingredients

We never compromise on the quality of both large banquets and small banquets. Customers can so know for sure that they obtain high quality and impeccably delicious food items that are made from the freshest ingredients possible. No MSG is added to the Indian, Italian, Western or Mexican dishes while the spices used for the masalas are filled with dollops of authentic flavor. You never have to worry about quality as our professionals look after this aspect for you in an unspoilt manner.


Stress-free and enjoyable experience

Since we do all the hard work for you, all you have to be preoccupied with is entertaining your guests. We handle all of the delicacies and making sure they are ideal for your guests and their various preferences. If you are unsure about the various options to choose from, we drop in our suggestions so you can accordingly see whether you want to take it up or not.


We serve at various locations in Singapore

We cater to a multitude of locations in Singapore Island and have served many business communities with elegance and professionalism. Whether you are looking for the perfect dishes for your small banquets or are searching for appetizers, drinks, soups and salads for your large banquets, you can know for a fact that no matter where you are living in Singapore, you can obtain home delivery in a prompt and desirable manner.


Reliable and steadfast service

Our professional team of experts is reliable and steadfast in their approach to providing delicious and wholesome delicacies. You can trust us when it comes to delivering uncompromised and extraordinary catering services. We believe in putting a smile on everyone’s face with the services offered and also aim to achieve this target with the banquet orders that come to us.


For large banquets, small banquets and everything food related in between, you can trust us to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience. You can so rest assured that the food delivered at your doorstep blends in well and even surpasses your expectations. Our happy customers are proof of the fact that we are good at what we do. To place your orders, you can contact us at Brinda’s or even visit us at

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