Corporate Catering

Brinda’s undertakes corporate catering with extreme professionalism and we understand the corporate needs the best. Corporate get together are usually very formal and guests need to be entertained in a specialized way with careful choice of food items. We serve at varied locations all over the Singapore Island. We have served many business communities with delectable food and extreme professionalism. All our customers we served have been very happy and they keep com9ng back to us for corporate catering.


Corporate Menus

Our corporate menus are comprehensive and include select appetizers, soups, drinks, and food items. We have quite a few fixed menus that is designed for corporate parties and customers can also choose their own food items and customize it to their choice. We are very flexible with our options and have a wide range of cuisines. You can also choose a mixed variety of cuisines for corporate catering.


Our western menu

We have a wide selection of western items in vegetarian and non vegetarian options we serve appetizers like shrimp, varieties of fish, chicken and a choice of vegetables and salads as well. We also bring our own plates and cutlery so that corporate need not worry about them and save the additional headache of sourcing it from elsewhere. We take care of end-to-end needs for corporate catering.


Our Indian menu

We serve many Indian items including kebabs and barbecued non vegetarian and vegetables as well. We make the dishes to suit international customers making sure that it is not too spicy or bland and also not very salty. Our food is made tastefully and with a lot of care. Our facilities are very particular about cleanliness and we only use fresh ingredients in our preparations. We do not use any ingredient that has the harmful MSG in it. We also do not use food colors and preservatives. We do not believe in wastage and make the food in correct quantities.


Menu from the Far East

Brindas is also an expert in Thai and Malaysian food items. We use authentic Thai products to cook the food and source it from Thailand. We have a wide variety of options in this category as well. A select choice of soups, salads and appetizers apart from the main course is available with us. We further tailor the menus to the customers’ individual choice in our corporate catering services. Many people in Singapore choose this option as the food is relatively similar and also is much preferred. Some Indian items are also in high demand usually in corporate parties.



If you are looking for corporate catering look no further as Brindas is here to cater to your party. Our executives will visit your event management department and carefully craft the menu along with them. We also set clear expectations and there is nothing hidden from our customers. We do not spring last minute surprises and what you see is what you get. 

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