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Brinda’s are experts at catering for all types of weddings. Whether it is Italian, French or Western we can cater to all events with a high professionalism and prompt delivery. We have been in this business for more than a decade and we cover entire Singapore for wedding catering. We understand that there is a large Indian community in Singapore and they need specialized caterings services like temple wedding catering. Whether it’s North Indian or South Indian, we have all kind of menus to suit your event.


North Indian Menus

Our menus include most north Indian dishes in vegetarian and non vegetarian. We also serve all types of Indian breads and curries. We make high restaurant quality food and it is served hot. We also provide the plates and cutlery which are disposable. You and your guests can enjoy delectable Indian cuisine in Singapore with our wedding catering services. Brindas offers discounts if the number of people are more than 100. Usually, Indian weddings are elaborate and many people attend the wedding. It is never a quiet affair and we take care of the food and catering from end to end taking away the stress from you.


South Indian menus

Our south Indian menus are elaborate and include the most popular south Indian dishes. We also serve in the south Indian style. We also undertake temple wedding catering and serve the best south Indian vegetarian food. We serve steamed rice, fresh home made pickles, sambar and rasam and much more. We give a choice of 2 to 3 vegetables aond with papads and fresh set yoghurt. We cater to all south Indian communities including Tamil, Telugu and Malayalee menus. Make use of Brinda’s wedding catering services for your weddings. We are the experts in Singapore when it comes to catering for Indian weddings as our base is from India. We understand the preparation of dishes perfectly and also blend in our services with the Indian culture.



Brindas has been in wedding catering business for more than 15 years now. We continue by providing top quality services for all types of events. We use carefully chosen spices and fresh ground powders like chilli powder and turmeric powder to prepare the tastiest food. Our chefs have years of experience in wedding catering services and they craft the recipes with utmost care. Indian menus usually use a lot of these powders and Indian spices. Without them the preparation of food is not possible in an authentic way.


Indian weddings are very traditional and include a lot of rituals and a series of events. We create menus for all the events and offer wedding catering services for all the events. Indian weddings stretch over a period of 2 days at the minimum and we cater from the start to the end. All you have to do is give us a call and discuss your wedding plans and then choose the menu. Everything else is taken care of by us. 

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