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Regardless of the size of the corporate meeting, the most exciting part of every seminar is the meal time! The delicacies are of utmost importance whether it is a conference, business meeting, or a formal get-together. We understand the importance of catering services in these corporate events, and therefore, provide the best seminar packages for you.


Hassle-free food arrangements 

Organising a corporate event in itself is a huge task, add to it the catering responsibilities. It is not possible to handle everything systematically amidst the chaos. But our trained staff knows exactly how to deal with such situations and provide hassle-free food arrangements. Our experience in this field has made us well versed with the intricacies associated with corporate events; and thus we come equipped with disposable cutleries for all your guests, so you don’t have to source it from elsewhere. Not only do we handle the menu, but we also present the food in the most appetising way possible. Your delegates are definitely going to love the fantastic arrangements and the tasty food.


Time and money saving

Brinda’s seminar packages are affordable and save the budget allotted to the catering services for the event. We plan, manage, and execute everything needed for the event; thus saving your time and energy. You can invest the time and money saved from our Seminar packages on other significant aspects of the corporate event which can enhance the delegate’s overall experience. We provide value for money and do not overcharge our customers.


Multi-cuisine options

Our seminar packages include a wide variety of options with cuisines ranging from Indian, Peranakan to western cuisine. Our chefs are experienced and specialised in their cuisine. Choosing us gives you the advantage to pleasing your delegates with a greater platter variety. We understand that your event is attended by people from various backgrounds and therefore, we offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food; paying extra attention to the halal and gluten-free food. We are highly in demand for Indian cuisines’, and we promise your guest will never look at vegetarian food the same way again. Be it in terms of starters, refreshments, lunches or dinners; we excel in it all. Our tasty food is also free from MSG. We entertain your formal guest well when it comes to food and be very careful of the food choices.


Improve your company’s impression

Even the most esteemed personnel are humans and will fall weak in front of an appetising meal. Every corporate event is a golden opportunity for your company to impress guests. The experience of a perfect combination of ethical business deals and catering service works wonders in enhancing your company’s impression. Through your quality business and Brinda’s delicious catering services, you can increase the chances of positive branding for your company.


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