Ready Meals: Is Frozen Food a Healthy Choice for Me?


Frozen food is quickly becoming the part and parcel of life for Singaporeans. But, is this luxury a healthy choice too?


For years, frozen food has got a bad reputation due to higher sodium and fat content and lower nutrients that a human body needs to stay healthy. However, over these years, innovations have turned the tide and, now, frozen food is really something that you can rely on not just to satiate your taste buds and fill your empty stomach but also to stay healthy and fit. Frozen food items retain their vitamins and minerals.

But before you order frozen food delivery, there are a couple of things that you must keep in mind. Let’s check out what they are.


3 Things to Look for in Frozen Food to Make Sure It’s Healthy


There’s a saying that frozen food is as healthy as its ingredients. So, make a rule to check out the ingredients and then determine whether it makes a healthy choice for you or not.


With healthier choices, you don’t have to worry about whether you are getting the much-needed nutrients or not. Besides, you also don’t need to think about possible health consequences that result from unhealthy choices.

So, here are a few things that you must know before ordering your ready meals or frozen food.


1: Say No to Preservatives in Frozen Food

Make sure that the ready meals you are stocking your freezer with contain no preservatives. Preservatives in food are known to form cancer-causing agents and cause breathing problems and heart diseases. Thus, it is a must for your ready meal to have no preservatives in it.


 2: Say No to MSG in Frozen Food


Several studies have shown that MSG (monosodium glutamate) may have a link to a range of health conditions, such as obesity, reproductive malfunctioning, and central nervous system disorder. Thus, MSG is another harmful ingredient that ready meals and frozen food should be devoid of. But, wait, there is also an exception in case of MSG.



Some natural foods such as corns, green peas, grapes, mushrooms, and tomatoes have naturally-occurring glutamate. So, the MSG ingredient that you need to avoid is the one that is additionally added to food dishes just to enhance their flavors.


 3: Say Yes to Fully Wholesome and Nutritious Frozen Food


When it comes to having frozen ready-to-eat meals almost every day, make sure that they are fully wholesome and nutritious. So, focus on ready meals that fulfill your nutrition needs, such as kadai mutton, chicken keema, fish, chana masala, curry, sambar, biryani rice, kadai paneer, and a plate of salad consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits.


So, are you finally ready to order frozen food in Singapore?


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Brinda’s frozen food and ready meals don’t contain any preservatives and MSG. And they are highly nutritious as well. So, no more worries. Enjoy the freedom of feeling relaxed with frozen food options whenever you feel hungry and don’t want to cook.

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