Top 5 Suggestions to Keep Catering Cost Down for Your Corporate Event

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Planning full-service dining in an event is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are trying to keep the overall cost down in an expensive country like Singapore. The catering cost per person depends on what you are choosing from the menu and from where. When it comes to food, quality is an essential factor because the success of your event is at stake. So, you need to find one of the best restaurants in Singapore that can fulfill your needs without drastically shaking your budget-limit. 

We will show you how to give your guests a quality dining experience while keeping the catering cost down. 


Don’t Always Stick to the Same Caterer


Sometimes, people stick to the same caterer when they like the food even if the cost is high. Remember that there are far better options in the market only if you are willing to explore. Do a little research online and check who else is out there offering the top quality buffet catering, event catering, and western food catering, and so on at affordable prices.


High Priced Food Doesn’t Guarantee Quality


You don’t always need to go for high-priced restaurants because high prices don’t guarantee the food quality. So, ask local restaurants in Singapore if they offer delicious and hygienic catering options at reasonable prices and if they offer promo rates for large corporate events. Don’t forget to check out online reviews. 


Negotiation Never Hurts Your Deal


Just like hotels, prices fluctuate in catering as well. While you might notice a rise in the catering cost during busy seasons, there is a drop in the food prices during the off-season. In fact, you have a lot more room to negotiate during off-seasons. Plus, knowing more about your event may help you stand in the best position and make a cost-effective deal. 

Tip: You don’t have to stick with offered items on the menu. You can request to serve food items according to your preferences. In case you do have annual events, check out if you can get a discount by committing to a multi-year contract. 


People Love Hors D’oeuvres Too!


You should understand that not every event is meant for serving full-fledged dining. People love to eat scrumptious starters too. So, if you time your event right, for instance, serving food in the evening rather than at night, a significant reduction in the cost can be achieved. You can make your event a three-hour instead of a five-hour dinner event to save yourself from the meal tab. Most often, guests also prefer to feel wined and dined at shorter events rather than spending a long duration. 


The Buffet is best to fill in Your Guests


The biggest reason to book buffet catering is that caterers often give better prices for clients who ask for a buffet than those who ask for a seated meal. This is a great choice as the overall charge per person can be much lower without compromising food quality. Plus, different guests have different tastes and dietary restrictions and a buffet allows everyone to take care of their own needs. This is not all! Buffet also provides a fantastic opportunity to get up and mingle with each other. 

All these suggestions will greatly help you to control the cost of food for your event. So, go ahead and check out which restaurants in Singapore offer high quality buffet catering and other options at fair prices.  


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